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Audrey L. Aaron is the owner and chief writer of Royal Ink, LLC. She got her start in 2006 doing technical writing for local start-up businesses, churches, and entrepreneurs, crafting bios, web content, speeches, and performance contracts. She quickly moved into journalism as a contributing writer for magazines and newspapers throughout the country. With over a decade of writing everything from motivational speeches to training manuals to descriptions for auction pieces, her experience is credible and extensive. Her written and verbal abilities, as well as her research skills, only improve, evolve, and become more relevant.

Additionally, Audrey has been in fashion retail management for over 25 years serving more than 10 different companies, developing skills in marketing, business analysis, and talent development. She has been hand-picked by industry executives and CEOs to offer consumer-based insight, influence marketing strategies for new product launches, and has served as a training liaison between corporate headquarters and various locations within the field.

In 2020, Audrey completed and self-published her first book, "The Rules of Royalty: Understanding Your Purpose, Privilege, and Position as a Memeber of God's Royal Family". As an ordained Elder, she taught and ministered the message of Royal Identity and Kingdom living for more than 8 years. She continues to spread this message through writing, speaking, as well as through the conversational podcast, NO LABELS, where she one of 3 co-hosts.


Understanding that writing is present in every walk of life, her passion is in helping people to find their voice and gain personal and professional confidence through the power of effective writing and communication.

"I believe in the power of words."

"I love a well-crafted sentence and a well-articulated thought. I believe that the essence of good storytelling lives in the word choices. I’m convinced that easy reading is hard writing...and vice versa. I understand that your written voice

is just as unique and significant as your speaking voice.

I know that written and even visual communication can make or

break your professional reputation and your business credibility.  I want to help you get your writing right."


"Keep it Royal."

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