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Today, I Love...Myself!

(Journal Entry, 11.23.2017)


As much as I love and give and serve, I'm realizing the need to do all of those things for myself. This year (2017), was a decent start. I love myself more now than I ever have...but I know that I've just only scratched the surface. There are so many things that I both want and need to do. But the greatest need is to do whatever I do, especially for other people, for myself first.


Consider Audrey. She is who you house. She is who you carry with you every day. She is who is most affected by your decision-making.

From this moment forward, don't wait for "perfect timing". Don't wait for a calendar date. From this moment forward, LIVE FOR AUDREY.

Work for Audrey -

Make career moves for her.

Do excellent work for her.

Consider the quality of her life.

Make money for her.

Spend for Audrey. And Save for Audrey.

Pray for Audrey -

Speak blessings, success, and favor on her life.

See the best in her.

See her value.

Increase her value.

Treat Audrey better than she deserves.

Travel for Audrey -

Embrace life for her.

Show her the world.

Eat well for Audrey -

Consider her body.

Consider her health.

Care for Audrey's body -

Move it. Stretch it. Exercise it. Sculpt it. Make it beautiful.

Push it to a new beauty.

Give her the best body.

Relax her.

Care for Audrey's mind -


Protect her peace.

Keep her calm.

Sleep well.

Choose relationships that make Audrey happy -

Keep her smiling.

Stimulate her thoughts.

Challenge her.

Keep her in good company.

Surround her with greatness.

Write for Audrey -

She is your audience...write the book that she needs.

Use the words that speak to her soul and spirit.

Be what she needs.

Motivate her.

Inspire her.

Entertain her.

Minister to her.

Make her better.

Live for Audrey. She is the most important person in your life. Be kind to her. Be patient with her. See good in her. Respect her. Acknowledge her wisdom. Enjoy her beauty.

Live for Audrey.

Love for Audrey.

Give for Audrey.

Serve for Audrey.

Love Audrey with the greatest love you have...always and forever!

Royal Family, I don't care what anyone says. YOU are the most important person in your own life. You don't have to neglect yourself to care for the people and things around you that you love. You're actually most beneficial when you don't. Remember that you spend every moment of your life with yourself. Just make sure that you are included in the people who benefit from you!

Royally yours,


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